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Bahria Town Sector E Pictorial Update of all Blocks

| Bahria Town Lahore | April 12, 2014


Sector-E Bahria Town Lahore Update by Khwaja Junaid Jalal We are pleased to give pictorial update of all Blocks Sector-E Bahria Town, Lahore. Jinnah block: Jinnah Block development is on and many plots are already on ground and the rest shall be in near future. Rafi block: Rafi Block we were please to see a structure of 10 Marla house and a five marla house as well. There are still some plots awaiting to be on ground. Mr. Shahid Qureshi’s announcement on the occasion of Civic Belting, that Azam Bhatti Avenue connecting with Multan Road will leave a very positive effect not only on Civic Center but also the whole Bahria Town Lahore. Civic Center: Civic Commercial development is on fast pace and it seems that as per Bahria Management, they shall be able to give possession in a year. Eiffel Tower: Eiffel Tower’s Foundation work is completed and looks like soon erection of the tower shall start. Bahria Homes 80% ready and shall be ready before the last installment is paid. Johar Block: Johar Block is the block of Sector-E which is still not on ground. We wish Bahria Town to get it done as soon as possible. Theme Park: Theme Park is still awaiting the completion. I believe once all the routes coming in Bahria Town are finalized, Theme Park shall be ready in no time. Nishtar block possession has started and you can see a corner home almost ready. Quaid block: Quaid Block most of it is on ground and possession shall be starting soon. Iqbal Block: Iqbal Block some of its plots are still awaiting to be on ground. Dear readers please contact us for any info required for Bahria Town Lahore. Thanks.

2 Responses to “Bahria Town Sector E Pictorial Update of all Blocks”

  1. Iftikhar Alvi on April 28, 2014 @ 7:47 am

    I am looking forward to own a property in Bahria Town Lahore, please kindly update on upcoming projects and offers.

  2. Bahria town mgt is doing a good job. Well done. Keep up the good work..however, i want to invite attention of BT mgt to the lahore area of BT. Why it has taken so long to acquire land for theme park, iqbal block, sect F, golf residencia and green valley. Is it not bad to divorce BTLhr and shif to khi. Why BT Lhr is being made to suffer because of khi. No good, rather it is disgusting. Pl take note of it BT mgt. building structures with the money defrauded fm the people of lahore. May be the issue is not known to the Riaz Malik sb. Good luck. Waiting for response pl

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